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We believe in Fitness of Mind, Body & Soul.

MonsoonFit BollyYoga Program offers you Bollywood Fitness classes and Yoga classes for a perfect work-out schedule for yourself every week!

Our Bollywood Fitness methods aim at burning calories and strengthening muscles.

Our Yoga classes focus on inner peace, calm, flexibility and regenerative techniques to get energized and rejuvenated.

Our Bollywood Choreography aims at making you a content, self-confident dancing soul.

This unique blend is MONSOONFIT BOLLYYOGA!

Every MonsoonFit Class strikes a great balance between Fitness and Fun at a whole new level!!

Attend classes every day or pick a program schedule that works best with your life! Click here for enrollment and finding the best package that suits you or your family!

Weekly Bollywood Classes for Kids (4 yrs+) is focused on improving the child's dance skill, stage confidence, performance abilities and knowledge of music and culture. The session ends with a performance recital to showcase the students learning from the session.

Each Session is about 15 weeks long spread over 16-17 weeks to accommodate holidays.

Our weekly dance classes for kids strictly follow a Monsoon Dance proprietary Curriculum that is designed to truly improve our student's dance style, cultural know-how, flexibility, balance, poise, energy and performance.

Kids Bollywood Dance Classes are organized by class levels which are combination of the students age & skill. Following levels of classes are available:

4-7 yrs - Kids Level 1

6-10 yrs - Kids Level 2

8-12 yrs - Kids Level 3

Teens- Kids Superstars

Each class is 50 min long with 2 3-min breaks for rest and water.

Every session focuses on a new aspect of Indian or Bollywood dance and has a choreography theme to keep the classes challenging and fun for kids. The session is followed by a recital to present the learning (2-3 Bollywood Medleys/Songs) and advancement in that session.

CLICK HERE for enrollment information.

Weekly Bollywood Class for Adults learn creative Bollywood choreography on unique mix of music from India and around the world. Students will be encouraged to show their confidence and learning from class on stage at the student recital once during this session.

Each session is about 15 classes long over 16-17 weeks accommodating holidays.

MonsoonFit Weekly Choreography Sessions for Adults are designed to offer fun and fitness in learning new dance moves on classic and latest upbeat Bollywood songs. Dance moves range from slow and graceful to fast and energetic mixing a variety of Indian dance forms at times fused with Hip Hop and Latin dances.

We have two levels of Bollywood Choreography Sessions

MonsoonFit Beginners Bollywood Choreography Session: Easy and fun steps for everybody with little or no experience in dancing. Classes are structured to welcome you into an environment of positivity and learning basic dance steps keeping rhythm and beats.

MonsoonFit Advanced Bollywood Choreography: Prior dance experience is recommended. Choreography is more challenging with formations and unique movements bringing out your inner performing diva full of confidence and Bollywood attitude.

Join the choreography sessions and rock any party or any stage in town like a Bollywood Star!!

CLICK HERE for enrollment information.